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Church Planter Profile

Terrence Jones came to Alabama to play quarterback for Tuskegee University. Although he did play quarterback for four years, the Lord had much more in store for Terrence than simply being a successful football player. He came to know Jesus as his personal Savior during his freshman year.

Terrence worked for several years with a collegiate ministry after graduation. He also met his wife, Thais, there.

After attending seminary in California, he was invited to consider returning to Alabama to plant a church in Washington Park in west Montgomery. The weekend he and Thais visited, there were two fatal shootings in the community. But believing this was God’s plan, he moved his wife and five children into Washington Park. He said that he and Thais thought, “How can we not go?”

The Strong Tower Church has approximately 110 attending most weeks. The congregation is made up of 50 Anglos, 50 African Americans, and 10 Asian and Hispanics. Approximately 30-35 percent of the members have followed the lead of their pastor and moved into the community. Jesus modeled incarnational living, and these folks are truly following His lead!

For more information about church planting among Alabama Baptists, please contact State Missionary Lamar Duke at 1-800-264-1225, ext. 2332, or (334) 613-2332,

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