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The Coaching Dynamic

In order to help Alabama Baptist church planters succeed in their calling, we not only come alongside through assessment and training, we also provide coaching. Each planter is assigned a coach for the duration of his financial support.

Because we believe that no one should plant alone, we have developed a network of skilled coaches to come alongside church planters, not to speak into their lives, but rather to draw out of them what God has placed in their hearts. The coach offers encouragement, support, and accountability and is the epitome of the friend that “sticks closer than a brother”. This is accomplished through coaching conversations that occur about every two weeks. Through the dynamic of coaching, church planters grow and progress faster than they might on their own.

To provide clarity to our coaching methodology, we have adopted the term “shepherd-coaching”. A shepherd cares for and supports the individual. Coaches help leaders clarify God’s will, and then determine which steps are necessary to carry out God’s will. We shepherd and coach for growth and progress in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Our Coaching Champion is Jeff Mann, a 30-year veteran of ministerial leadership. If you would like more information about receiving coaching or becoming a coach, he can be reached through our office or directly at (256)609-0388.

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