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Replanting a Church

Church planting is an exercise of faith to plant the gospel in a community, make disciples and congregate a group of believers that will grow together as a called out body of believers.  Replanting the church in a community primarily happens when:

  • The community around the church building has changed demographically.
  • The existing small group of believers that is left cannot live out the gospel in their community in a way that is transforming the community.
  • Leadership has left and new vision and leadership is needed for a dissipating body of believers.


For a new replant to happen the following Holy Spirit led pieces must be in place:

  • Left over leadership of a hard-hit congregation must work to release a new leader and team to carry out anew the mission of God in a given community.
  • A new leader/planter and team must be empowered to engage and plant a church.
  • An external sponsor/support must be involved in carrying the work and assist the planter in moving the plant forward.


Phases in the development of a replant are like that of a plant but require adaptation especially at the beginning.


  • Openness to change and consolidation of a master plan for transition.
  • Building up of a replanter and his team and the learnings from the past church testimony/practices
  • Assessment of the present community and the needs that are present
  • Engagement in the community … to bring the gospel to bear in word and deed
  • Harvest and gathering of believers and followers into discipling relationships and worship
  • Establishment of a congregational worship service regularly with ministries to key designated areas.
  • Equipping of disciples, growth of ministries and mission.

Key goals:

  • The gospel engagement and saturation in the focus community around the replant
  • Building up of new believers and development of discipleship groups/leaders
  • Setting up of worship experience and accompanying ministries/structures that will bless the community and grow disciples
  • Multiply disciples and sending out workers to the harvest


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