The Power of Thank You


There is hardly any way to overestimate the power of a simple word of affirmation like “thank you.”

Perhaps it is because words of affirmation are one of my primary love languages, but I believe saying thank you is more than just southern hospitality. None of us has gotten where we are in life without the help and encouragement of many others along the way.

David Williams, the pastor of First Baptist Church, Slocomb, shared with me while we worked together in upstate New York, “We all got into the river while it was already running, and it will continue to flow after we will get out.”

I recently received a hand-written, hand-delivered thank you note for an expression of sympathy that I had presented to this person. I was blown away as to how such a simple gesture could make such a profound difference.

Contrast that with reports I have heard recently of pastors failing to thank their flock for their faithfulness and my experience with church planters who hosted mission teams and failed to thank them for their service. It is simple but powerful. It can be done through spoken word, written note, email, text, gift card and many other ways.

Thank you, Alabama Baptists, for the privilege to be one of your missionaries. It is a joy to serve among you!

State Missionary Lamar Duke, lead church planting strategist, may be contacted at 1-800-264-1225, ext. 332, or (334) 613-2332,

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