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Why Church Planting is Important in Alabama

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There are approximately one million Alabama Baptists in 3,286 churches across our state. Why do we need to talk about more churches? The answer may surprise you.

There are just under five million people who call Alabama home. Consider that two million people in Alabama — the buckle of the Bible Belt — do not go to anyone’s church.

If 40 percent of our state are not attending any church, then we need to do something about that. Surely we have lots of churches who are plateaued or declining and in need of revitalization. But there are segments of our population that will never attend these existing churches, but would attend something new.

State Missionary Rick Lance, executive director of the State Board of Missions, has stated that we must look at this issue as two wings of the same plane: one for church revitalization and one for church planting.

I believe in both these endeavors. I am currently coaching three churches through the revitalization process, and it is my privilege to lead the church planting strategy for the State Board of Missions from which we offer support systems such as assessment, training and coaching for planters as they start new churches across this great state.

Learn more about some of our church planting training opportunities by visiting I look forward to seeing you there and your involvement in this exciting endeavor.

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