Three Parts of Church Planting in Alabama

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This area involves the process whereby we assist potential planters with application, background checks, instruments, interviews, etc., to hold a mirror up to ask them if they see what we see in them. This helps them examine their call to see if it is on track for planting. We are currently making some upgrades in this process.

We offer a variety of training opportunities for the planter and his leadership team to learn what is needed to plant a church from the ground up. Alabama Church Planting Basics is foundational. We have offered this training four times to the general public this year in English and twice in collegiate settings at the University of Mobile and at New Pilgrim Christian Bible College and Seminary in Saraland.

In addition, we have offered it to the Deaf community this year. Other trainings available through our office include Churches Planting Churches, which assists churches that desire to send out or support a church plant from their church. Other trainings are also available. See the list at

We offer 12 months of in-person coaching throughout the state. These network sessions deal with the how of church planting and have also proved to be very helpful to established churches. We have seen approximately 40 men go through coaching in the past year. We are currently hosting six of these networks across the state. For more information, see


Because it has been found that quality assessment, training and coaching leads to an 85 percent success rate for church plants through the fourth year.

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