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The Willow Street Story


Multiplication is a key principle of the kingdom of our Lord. Here’s how one of our new church plants is fleshing that principle out in real life:

Our story officially began when we launched in Scottsboro in February 2015, but it actually began much earlier. After meeting in small groups for several weeks, a group of 21 adults and several children met on September 21, 2014, and committed ourselves to Christ and this work. Believing our mission is the Great Commission, we committed to “keep it simple, and make disciples.” Located on Willow Street, we have learned some lessons from the willow tree.

It is a symbol of rebirth and immortality. We are a legacy plant. With a lot of help from the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, NAMB and our local association, we were given the facility of a dying congregation that courageously blessed us.

The willow tree has deep, strong roots. A willow tree has an impact far beyond itself. The leaves and bark of willow trees contain salicylic acid from which aspirin is made. Finally, willows multiply. If a branch of a willow tree is placed in the ground in sunlight and by water, it will root and become a tree. Since the very first command given by God is to be fruitful and multiply, we believe we should, too.

While we sponsor a new church in Boaz, we are also in the process of planting another tree in Fort Payne. That work, Essential Church of Fort Payne, began earlier this year and is in the formation process, building a solid foundation through a well-equipped core group. We intend that one day that tree will also be obedient to the Father and be fruitful and multiply.

–Jeff S. Mann, Lead Pastor, Willow Street Baptist Church, Scottsboro

Jeremiah 17:7-8

We celebrate the multiplication of this new church! For more information about church planting among Alabama Baptists, please contact State Missionary Lamar Duke (lead church planting strategist) at 1-800-264-1225, ext. 332, or (334) 613-2332,



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